Our Commitment

Making Insurance Simple

For more than 30 years, we have been committed to offer you our best products, services and advice when it comes to property casualty Insurance industry. We know very well the insurance products available on the market and we explain them to you in a clear and simple language. And we are always looking for new ways to make you save!

Working For You at All Times

You can count on us. We will help you when all is well and assist you in difficult times.  We will accompany you throughout the claim process.  Is there anything more comforting than to have an insurance expert on your team?

Attuned to humans and technology

Our dedicated brokers adapt to your situation to provide the help you need. Schedule a meeting or a call through our website. Your time is precious and we believe you deserve personalized service.

Our client experience at Charlebois Trépanier means

  • Personalized service and a dedicated advisor always available for you

  • Periodical coverage reviews 

  • A multiple of products and Insurance coverage tailored to your need’s

  • Risk management tools and advice to help you select your best options

  • A partner who accompanies you through the claim process

  • A selection of insurance companies to best serve your needs

Nos conseils, trucs et outils pratiques

Une collision avec votre véhicule : Responsable? Non responsable?

Être impliqué dans un accident d’auto, c’est stressant… ça l’est d’autant plus quand il s’agit de déterminer à qui revient la faute. Qui détermine la responsabilité des conducteurs concernés? Simple accrochage ou grave collision, quelle que soit l’ampleur des dommages causés aux véhicules impliqués, la même démarche est enclenchée pour déterminer qui est responsable de l’accident.

Providing Peace of Mind

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