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A single accident or claim has the potential to put you out of business. As your trusted advisor, the brokers at Charlebois Trépanier work to protect your profits and avoid financial losses. That is why it is so important to get expert advice when it comes to commercial insurance. 

Charlebois Trépanier’s commercial brokers have the expertise, and access to a pro-active risk management tools and related insurance best practices to meet your needs.

Protect Your Business against Lawsuits

Commercial general liability insurance protects your business for the risks of liabilities imposed by law and resulting from your business property, premises and activities. It covers you for damage and bodily injury caused to others by your products manufactured and sold or by your work performed.

You can buy many other types of liability insurance to cover specific risks not covered by the standard contract. Your business may be at risks. Following are some examples:

  • Professional liability for professionals, para professionals or professional technicians against financial losses resulting from mistakes, omissions, or negligence while performing his/her duty or professional services.
  • Pollution liability to cover damage to the environment or to a third party
  • Directors’ and Officers’ may be personally sued for faults committed against other persons and having failed to comply with their legal obligations
  • Warehouse legal liability for the business having custody, taking care of or controlling other persons’ property to cover the physical damage to this property (e.g. garage owner, jeweller, etc.)
  • Common carriers and transportation providers must have liability for damage when transporting other persons’ property on their carriers/vehicles.
  • Course of construction and wrap-up liabilities
  • Non-owned or hired auto liability coverage if employees use their vehicle or rent a vehicle to perform their work.

Determine How Much Coverage You Need

The frequency of litigations and the legal judgements granted in the last years have become increasing risk concerns for the business owner or manager. Determining the adequate liability amount and coverage that will best respond to your business risks is becoming a very important issue for the manager.

As opposed to a property loss where estimating the financial loss is easier to quantify, determining your liability coverage is much more difficult. You must take into considerations changes in courts and judgments rendered, as well as changes in the public opinions with respect to the damage claims in your business sector. One must also take into account the increasing costs for defence, investigation, trial and interests judgements awarded by the courts.

Charlebois Trépanier commercial brokers can work with your legal team and offer insurance expertise.

Following are many factors to consider in determining the appropriate amount of insurance.

  • Has your industry experienced important legal developments giving you more and more responsibility with respect to your products, your workmanship and your services?
  • Has there been an increase in successful court judgments and limits in your business sector?
  • Has there been a change in public opinion and tolerance with respect to your specific industry product or business obligations?
  • Was there an increase in the demand for your service, work or products?
  • Do you have a significant risk and financial impact that drive the manufacturing or sale of your products or service?
  • In terms of frequency and severity, what are financial consequences on your business?
  • Do you do business in other provinces or countries requiring specific insurance limits, or where the risk of lawsuits and of defence cost in the event of litigation would increase considerably?
  • Have you signed contracts that specify insurance requirements and or accepted indemnify others when it comes to legal liability?

A Charlebois Trépanier insurance broker will take the time to examine and assess your business’s situation and will be able to make recommendations on this difficult issue. An insurance expert on your team is a true asset!

Did You Know?

It is best practice for you to take the time to meet with your broker for an annual risk review. A Charlebois Trépanier commercial insurance broker always has a "risk control checklist" to guide you in better understanding your risks and coverages. 

From your various responses, your broker will then let you know if a particular activity is not included in your current policy, and whether you have any other liability issues that may be resolved with additional coverage.

Following are some examples of types of work or activities that are not generally covered under a standard liability insurance policy. Specific risks can be covered with additional coverage endorsement or contract. 

Not all liability policies cover the following perils. Have us review your current insurance policy wordings!

  • Work or activity specifically excluded
  • Blasting operations (using explosives)
  • Product defect (mistakes and omissions)
  • Pile driving or caisson construction
  • Decontamination work (e.g. asbestos, etc.)
  • Professional services (e.g. drafting design-build)
  • Loading and unloading property of others
  • Fungi or spores (cleaning mold)
  • Marine risks (digging for tunnels, bridges, dikes, etc.)
  • Blasting, shoring, underpinning, etc.
  • Airport work
  • Bridge work
  • Environmental damage
  • Pollution