A Wide Range of Automobile Insurance Coverage for All Types of Vehicles

  • Sport utility vehicle (SUV)

  • Van

  • Sports vehicle

  • Truck

  • Hybrid vehicle

  • Seasonal vehicle

  • Vehicle in storage

  • Classic, vintage and collector vehicle

Find the Right Coverage for You

The Automobile Insurance Act of Quebec requires that you hold a liability insurance of at least $50,000. This insurance protects you for:

  • Damage to your vehicle in the event of a collision that occurs in the province of Québec and for which you are not responsible

  • Property damage and injury to persons for which you are responsible and occurring outside Québec

  • Property damage to others for which you are liable.

Need Additional Coverage? Let Us Advise You

To be entitled to a compensation when you are responsible for an accident, you must have chosen the right coverage. Indeed, there are different insurance products available to you. Following are a few of them:

Collision or Upset

Collision or Upset

It covers damage in the event of a collision for which you are responsible.

Accidents Without Collision or Upset

Accidents Without Collision or Upset

Among other things, it covers car theft, windshield breakage, fire damage, vandalism, wind, hail and water damage. It also covers damage from collisions with persons or animals.

All perils

All perils

It includes both coverages described above.

Specified Risks

Specified Risks

It offers limited coverage for very specific risks, such as fire and theft.

Let’s Look at Additional Clauses!

You can extend your contract with additional coverage that we refer to as “endorsements”.

The most common endorsements are:

  • Q.E.F.43 (A to E): replacement value options
  • Q.E.F.20:  Loss of use
  • Q.E.F.27: Civil liability for damage to non-owned automobiles  

There is a long list of endorsements specific to automobile Insurance that can be added to your policy depending on your needs.  I invite you to discuss this with your broker.